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Dad, What is Lifestyle Creep?

​What a great question!  I’m glad you asked.

First of all, what picture does the word, creep conjure up in your mind?  Have you ever sneaked up on someone and then scared the daylights out of them?  You were able to get close enough without being detected by creeping up on them? Creep refers to something that is done so surreptitiously that most people would not detect it.  Little by little, it moves along until bam!  It happens.

It happens very slowly, often completely unnoticed, and then, bam!  Disaster strikes.  Lifestyle creep is not the kind of habit … Read more

​Dad, How Do I Minimize Family Interference?

“My parents think we should buy a house, but I don’t think our finances are ready for that.” “My grandfather says that only fools invest in the stock market.”
“Uncle Steve invests a lot of his money in gold and pretty much insists that we should all be doing the same.”
“My brothers say that buying a car that’s less than five years old is a waste of money.”

Family members and loved ones can be incredibly compelling. We trust them. We love them. We value their input. Sometimes, they frustrate us with their input, but we know that it’s … Read more

Dad, My Finances are a Mess

​Dad, my finances are a mess.  What can I do?  How about a financial cleanse?

You have probably heard people talking about going on cleansing diets.  Some of them can be pretty weird and drastic, but the idea is to let all the toxins flush out of the body. What needs to be remembered when taking such action is that it won’t take long to reverse any benefits you may have achieved, unless you change some of your habits.

This easily applies to your financial health.

How about flushing all the financial toxins you’ve accumulated out of your budget?  Trust … Read more