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Speaking Engagements

Azhar has worked in the Human Resources industry for over 28 years and held senior human resources positions in both South Africa and Canada,. Key themes of his speaking engagements include, cultural intelligence,  understanding the Canadian immigrant experience, link between organization culture and performance, and why mentorship for women matters.


Azhar has an MBA, PDM, CCF, TEFL and is a certified coach.

How I can help your organization

1. Build a Thriving Culture
This session is designed to help leaders build a stronger, more defined culture and help them take better care of their people.

* How to build positive behaviours that create team success
* How to connect culture with results
* How to use language and storytelling to ignite change
* How to move toward a culture of vision, purpose and shared va

2. Understand how CQ drives performance

* CQ Knowledge – understanding of cultural differences and similarities
* CQ Drive – individual’s motivation to engage with different cultures
* CQ Strategy – individual’s ability to adapt to different cultural situations
* CQ Action – individual’s ability to effectively engage with individuals from different cultures

3. Understand how mentorship for women influences the leadership pipeline and creates a diverse leadership structure

* Why mentorship contributes to organization success
* The value of mentorship for women
* The value of psychosocial support in a mentorship relationship.
* Value of sponsorship


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